2 weeks ago

Urban Lions

Lionheart Vibrations playing a set at Illusive Festival this year. Strictly vinyl and live dubs on Urban Mischief stage.The Full Stage Flyer for the might Urban Mischief stage has finally dropped!!

******For your chance to win a Fast Track VIP ticket to Illusive Festival 2018******

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Buy tickets here ww2.theticketsellers.co.uk/…/illusive-fest…/10045161

Roll on Illusive 2018! 🙂
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3 weeks ago

Urban Lions

Alone we are small but Together Mighty.

Lion Arts Collective are putting the final touches to our debut video single 'See Me Rise' to be released soon.

Our second video single 'Forward To The Sound' will be shot soon and then the final part of the trilogy 'Together Mighty' will be an animation short.

Together Mighty is the third and final single release of the 2017 series and completes the set.

The roots, dub and stepper trilogy plays out beautifully as individual tracks yet becomes stronger when played together.

The music will run as the sound track to a short animated fictional film in 2019.

The film will tell the tale of a controlling force that broadcasts a dark vibration over the masses from the Babylon power plant.

Pumping fear and greed directly from the plant into the vein of humanity to keep the people constantly in ignorance of their own slavery.

In the film, Urban Lions lead a resistance by emitting a true frequency to counter the dark vibe of Babylon Inc and sound down the walls of the power plant.

As the true vibration resists the conductance of Babylon Inc and the veil of illusion is lifted, the people wake up to realise they are slaves and form an uprising.

The film concludes in a great sound clash as positive overcomes negative.

Until then, enjoy the true vibrations of Urban Lions.

Lion Arts Collective
As we’re about to finish “See Me Rise” music video for Urban Lions, here’s another one to look forward to - “Together Mighty” - an animation this time. Follow us to catch them first.

If you would like to book Lion Arts Collective for visual creative work please message us here.
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